Tuesday 12 November 2019

Must Have Things for Market Entry in Russia

From our experience in a number of projects with different International Companies there are several things which are to be considered by International Company before entering Russian market.

It is hard to predict success of exact product or International Company before you get response from the market but there are several must-have things and it is easy to predict failure if International Company does not have these things. 

If International Company is not willing to adjust products for Russian market, do necessary marking and certification or alternatively to find partner or distributor who make it Company will most likely fail on Russian market.

Please find a scope of must-have things for International Company to be able 
to enter Russian market using distributors network:

- International Company should be manufacturer otherwise it might be bypassed in future. 

- Goods are to be prepared to be sold through distributors network.

- Manufacturer should have strength and success history on other markets (Company makes good products at a reasonable price, price calculation should be made on DDP point in Russia terms).

- Manufacturer should be ready to adjust products to Russian market (TR CU certification, marking of items in Russian language, etc, or alternatively to cover the cost for certification to distributor).

- Manufacturer should be ready to provide free samples for testing to potential distributors.

Regards, Yury

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