Wednesday 23 January 2019

How Saint-Petersburg Business Gate Can Assist Your Business In Entering Russian Market (One of the Options)

One of the options we can offer our Customers is Introduction Project.

Project time: estimated 60 days.

In details project will look like below:

1) Through our partners in inbound logistics we check import statistics for main Customs offices in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg using HS code and figure out main importers of specified products.

2) Then we check listed importers through open sources and shortlist to 10-20 Companies sorting out technical Companies used for import. 

3) Then we contact shortlisted Companies including:

a) Preparation for telephone call which is normally checking company profile in internet plus company website contacts page to get better understanding of person in charge (if applicable, some websites does not have this info).

b) Preparation of brief introduction message to win attention. To our experience if you just call and offer you get 98% of negative answer on phone. The reason is that in recent years there have been increase in telemarketing and cold calls and employees consider them as a spam. So you need in 1-2 sentences draw attention and get required contacts of person in charge. 

c) Call and follow-up.
Telephone call is to be followed by e-mail with clear offer specifying main offer details as MOQ, delivery time, price, quality certificate, tech specs. The offer should be written in simple words without complications, but must be clear and without any kind of mistakes including spelling mistakes. It should be easy for potential Customer to test your products so postage of 2-3 free samples is must have option. 

d)Then after a period of time 2 days to a week second approach is made via telephone or e-mail or both to get feedback.

Feedback might be either positive or negative. In this case positive feedback will be willingness to test your product, negative answer will be - not interested.

So basically project is introduction of your product including price to 10-20 Distributors / Customers  by means of calling followed by e-mailing, getting feedback from them and making summary back to you.

As a result of the project you will get summary of feedback from Distributors / Customers which you will then follow-up your side.

Looking forward to your inquiries.

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