Tuesday, 8 March 2016


The most common case is creating a local legal entity in Russia which is usually LLC organizational form. 

Opening LLC Company is comparetevely easy and cheap in Russia, for example minimum registered capital is only 10 t.RUB which is less than 120 EUR using current rate. 

Minimum set of papers includes organization charter, protocol of the meeting of founding parties and their agreement on shares, registration application, registration fee payment confirmation, rent agreement for legal address (or warranty letter about legal address). 

You will also need to decide which taxation scheme you will use. 
If you take one of special taxation regimes you can also apply for it at registration stage.

Even if above procedure is simple if you have not done registration before it is better to use lawyer to ensure you succeed from first time. 

There is also and option of opening branch office or representative office in Russia, but this is not commonly used due to more sophisticated requirements and higher costs.

Regards, Yury

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